Why Online Media is Quietly Withdrawing the Capacity to Comment

When I seen the article below it struck a chord with me as my partner (Conspirtracy Hunter) has been talking a lot lately about the very same no “comments” issue on Facebook. As you can guess by her online name she doesn’t really follow the western mainstream media, and a lot of her friends are the same. Instead of relying on the atrophying biased dinosaur that is mainline news media, they prefer to select their news from different online sources. A large part of this nowadays can be gleaned from the “comments” box/section as no matter who you are you get to air your views.

One of my partners online friends, Blujay, has an on going battle with the comments censorship, especially on Facebook. She makes memes with themes and political worldview observations, although it would seem that not everyone shares her sense of humour or world view as she is constantly comment censored. Instead having to comment and exchange links using increasingly awkward and devious methods to get her voice heard.

Is not the point of a society with free speech the fact that whomever you maybe you will still get your time standing proudly on the soapbox? You might not like what others have to say, but it is up to the individual to make up their own mind about the information presented, and the individuals sense of social justice should serve as censorship enough. In short, if you don’t like it then don’t listen.

The “comments” section, on a worryingly increasing amount of larger corporate owned websites, now seems to be a place where only the flock get to be heard. If you go against the grain or disagree with the politically correct point of view then it looks as though you will lose your RIGHT to comment. The time has come to mass exodus these sites and move onto pastures a fresh where everyone stands on the same footing and can let their comments be heard.

If, like the growing global millions of others, you spend any sort of time digesting your daily news online then you’ll be familiar with how the comments sections which lie beneath the news articles themselves can play a vital role in disseminating key truths that have either been overlooked by lazy, uncritical thinking so-called ‘journalists’ or purposefully omitted by influential mainstream media gatekeepers with vested interests and agendas to deviously direct.

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Disregarding unobserved moderation, the comments section “technically” allows for anyone to have their say, whether unenlightened suckling mainstream media junkie, aggrieved informed citizen, or even salaried secret service agent relentlessly typing away to discredit those speaking inconvenient truths.

It is (or was), unlike its traditional print media predecessor, a place where valuable opposing views and often profound opinion could be placed right beneath the noses of the uninformed and where considered criticism of the regularly biased ‘journalism’ was being expressed to slowly help emancipate the sleeping masses from their mental enslavement and for this reason, it seems the ability to comment on the major online media outlets is quietly being withdrawn.

Over recent months there has been an observable trend of a sudden lack of ability to comment on many mainstream media articles but chiefly on those potentially threatening the corrupt establishment that the corporate-controlled media outlets work so tirelessly to uphold.

Countless one-sided pieces defending the current ethnic cleansing of brown-faced Arabs by apartheid Israel, or the paedophile infested powers that be in ‘Great’ Britain, read by hundreds of thousands if not millions of people have been published online without the ability for the public (whether informed or not) to have their say, with comments seemingly being replaced with a raft of social media buttons presumably aimed to aid the spread of the mainstream spin.

Many popular media outlets of course still allow for comments and likely will do for some time to come, it seems to be the more well respected, long established ‘broadsheet’ news institutions who are at the forefront of this worrying trend yet it’s obvious that with time, other mainstream tabloid outlets will also slowly follow suit until uninformed netizens don’t even realise the ability to have their say, or even be exposed to an opposing perspective at the bottom of the page has all but disappeared.

It’s surprising it’s taken this long for the online mainstream media outlets to remove the capacity to comment though, as they’ve been shooting themselves in the foot for years now as far more truth, fact and accuracy has been emanating from the user-generated comments than from the shameless disinformation that lies above it.

In a sense, the move for further censorship is actually a positive thing as it shows the mainstream is slowly losing it’s grip to the more transparent, truth telling alternative media. Yes, the systematic elimination of commentary on the big highly trafficked sites will allow for the masses to be fooled a little while longer, yet it’s evident their days of being the primary source of ‘news’ for the public are numbered and this desperate, last ditch attempt at preventing truth from being spoken by closing down the ability to comment proves it.

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