No matter where you live make sure and listen

Off work today and trying to fix the keyboard on my phone as everyone thinks I text like a pirate as I cannot use the letter “H” lol. So as I’m trying to fix mentioned keyboard I had youtube on in the background and listened to these two videos. (see below)

There is a lot of sense to be heard in what is said, and events on such a grand scale would have a knock-on effect to a vast number of nations. Scary stuff, especially when you look at some of the executive orders that Obama has issued. rockefellerpityuselesseaters

Jeez the man served as a Constitutional Law Professor/Lecturer. From day one as El Presidente his whole purpose and focus has been to disarm America, have a look at how Americans will be treated when Emergency and/or Marshall Law is declared.

Might be time to have a look at what is to happen in your country when such a state of emergency is declared, because don’t think for a minute that YOUR government will have YOURS and not THEIRS best interests and welfare in mind.

Just remember it is ALL part of the Agenda 21/2030 depopulation programme, and to get rid of us “useless eaters” lawfully certain events will need to happen with a national state of emergency (or equivalent) declared.

Most countries are already disarmed with even ex-servicemen/women not having access to firearms unlike their counterparts in the States.

Anyway enough of the rant, sit back and enjoy (get wound up lol) the movies.

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