No Shooters At Mandalay Bay Terror Attack (Drill)

I was in the middle of writing an article on this shooting and how there could have been more than one shooter. “Witnesses” were saying how bullets were coming from more than one direction only to be corrected that the official story is a lone gunman (as usual).

However this could be a ploy to confuse the situation of which “they” are getting more proficient at accomplishing. How better to get people to not see that there was no shooter involved than to have them arguing over whether there was one or more shooters. Any amount as long as it isn’t NO SHOOTER.

The article I was in the middle of writing (and had put a lot of work into) was set from the premise that there was more than one shooter, that was before I had watched the following video and looked into some of the questions brought up after watching said video. I do not agree with everything that is mentioned in this video – especially the Adam Lanza comparison of which I just cannot fathom (you will see what I mean and can come to your own decisions). Having said that, this video definitely gave me food for thought and I will need to approach this one from another angle I had thus far not looked into – you got to cover all angles to get the full picture.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the video and it lets you see this event in a new light.



4 thoughts on “No Shooters At Mandalay Bay Terror Attack (Drill)

  1. ive noticed that all the attacks i think are falseflags or drills getting filmed and shown on MSM asthe real news not mentioning the fact footage is of a drill, well they always show pics of people with no shoes, shoes neatly sitting, people getting knocked out their boots etc. i was told my a fried that these are masonic signals/symbols. cant remember which but one means bless this sacred space, another has to do with the person being willing to take part. for the life of me i cant remember anymore, really wish i had taken some notes as he was telling me. also a dutch guy on youtube mentions this as being a falseflagfingerprint. is this the answer you were looking for??? does muttley get a medal???

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  2. That is basically correct, excellent powers of deduction.
    Will be back soon, as I want to look up the said Dutch guy on Youtube to see if any pearls of wisdom there.
    Oh and I shall see about a nice shiny medal for you Muttley lol.


  3. Some info to research there. I,m still on the more than a single shooter side of the fence. Have you seen the Health Rangers audio analysis? Best research I have seen to back up multiple shooter theory. I would still like to see your multiple shooter article to see what you had picked up on.
    Keep spreading truth brother.

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