Eu Better Save Your Internet

The end of what internet freedom we have in Europe is under attack yet again, and what happens in Europe today can happen in your country tomorrow. If the United Nations get their way things will never be the same online again.

What can you do about it?

Watch the above video and then click on the link below.


Just because you are not from the EU doesn’t mean you can’t help out. So be sure to click the above link. It is times like these where we all need to band together as internet freedom is under constant threat. We have already lost certain freedoms online and even now we are subject to censorship Starting with the Google/Amazon book burning, websites not showing where they should in search engines, loss of advertising revenue, punishment on social media for just saying what you think and believe if those thoughts and opinions do not tow the mainstream party line. All this we have as of now lost forever, never to regain, and this is just the beginning of “their” battle.

Off your knees people as the time has come.

Time to SHOUT.


Time to team TOGETHER.


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