Covid brings me out of retirement (complacency tbh)

As you can see from the time stamps I last posted sometime in 2018 and the frequency of posts had been declining. I always kept the site alive though as i had spent a lot of effort on it even although I got blacklisted for “encouraging violence” and “promoting drug use”. I don’t know where the encouraging violence allegations came from as i still cannot find any instance of what they say. As for promoting drug use, the only time/s drug use is mentioned is in reference to a scientific study of psychoactive mushrooms, and i think there might be an article on the use of cannabis oil being beneficial for certain cancer patients. Again, from an actual scientific study.

The censorship was laughable back then, so i can only imagine how much it has been ramped up these last couple of years. Although i haven’t been posting all this time i have been keeping up with all the maddening happenings and crazy over reach from the governments of this beautiful planet (the planet will be here long after we aren’t even the faintest of memories).

I cannot believe the speed that this Operation Covid Tyranny has ground the planet to a halt. The entire planet. I always thought continents would fail and join the collective hive mind of the One World Government system of centralised resources/power/everything. I did not think it possible to dominate the whole planet in a few short months. I am staggered at the sheer power this demonstrates and how anyone can deny we are living in the construction of the New World Order. Look around you, the same script running in each country, we are already in global governance. Time to spread the word, join the people and get off our knees. From now on this site will be dedicated to that purpose.

Rise up all

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