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I’ve updated the “Video Streams” page with The Illuminati Exposed By Muammar Gaddafi. Expect more updates soon.

The Illuminati Exposed By Muammar Gaddafi
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After believing what I had been taught about this man all these years, I couldn’t believe my eyes at the end of the video. Wait till you see how he really treated his people and then after watching it compare him to our leaders and see what conclusions you come to.

The Green Book – Muammar al-Qaddafi

China Successfully Tests Hypersonic Nuclear Missile Wu-14

Nwo Report

In a move that has alarmed the United States, China has confirmed that it has successfully tested its hypersonic nuclear-capable missile Wu-14. It was the missile’s fourth successful testing in less than 18 months. But the latest one was far more complicated than the previous three. That’s probably the reason the United States described it as an “extreme maneuver.”

China Wu-14

China’s Wu-14 can penetrate the U.S. missile defense systems

The hypersonic nuclear delivery vehicle can travel up to ten times the speed of sound or 7,680 miles per hour. That means, if launched from Shanghai, it can hit San Francisco in about 50 minutes. The even bigger cause of worry for the United States is that it is fully capable of penetrating the U.S. missile defense systems. The test was carried out in Western China last week.

China tested the missile just days before the Central Military Commission vice-chairman Fan Changlong left…

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