Why Online Media is Quietly Withdrawing the Capacity to Comment

When I seen the article below it struck a chord with me as my partner (Conspirtracy Hunter) has been talking a lot lately about the very same no “comments” issue on Facebook. As you can guess by her online name she doesn’t really follow the western mainstream media, and a lot of her friends are the same. Instead of relying on the atrophying biased dinosaur that is mainline news media, they prefer to select their news from different online sources. A large part of this nowadays can be gleaned from the “comments” box/section as no matter who you are you get to air your views. Continue reading

In 2015 Facebook Will Drop a “Bombshell”

I’m not one for usually posting advertisements for other sites here, but I found this article very interesting. First up, I’m from the UK and get people saying:

“All this is going on in America – CIA, FBI, NSA – why do we need to worry about it?” Continue reading