MH370 ‘Chinese’ hackers target investigators

Hours after the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 hackers stole classified information from the computers of senior officials involved in the search operation. Hackers stole classified information from the computers of senior Malaysian officials involved in the hunt for missing flight MH370 and sent it to China, it has been claimed.

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MH370 Contrails Key

Changes in cloud patterns could reveal the final resting place of missing Malaysian flight MH370, according to an Australian scientist. Hydrometeorologist Aron Gingis says that MH370’s path could be revealed by analysing satellite images of clouds, as their patterns are changed by planes’ ‘contrails’ – or condensation trails – interacting with them.

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MH370 – Who benefits most?

 I found the following article highly enlightening, and I would encourage you to click on the links and read the other stories also. As they say “Always follow the money.”

New information, fact checked by Intellihub News, may shed some light on the missing Malaysian Airlines flight which was recently reported by Malaysian officials to have ended tragically in the Indian Ocean despite the lack of physical evidence.

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