List of government mass surveillance projects

 You live in a society where if you mind your own business everyone else minds their own. If the police or government want to find out anything they have to issue a warrant. You live in a society where you have the fundamental human right of privacy. Right?

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In 2015 Facebook Will Drop a “Bombshell”

I’m not one for usually posting advertisements for other sites here, but I found this article very interesting. First up, I’m from the UK and get people saying:

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NGI Goes Live

Six years in the making a powerful new facial recognition system has gone live in America. Called “Next Generation Identification” (NGI) the program allows numerous organisations, including those in the intelligence community to quickly and more accurately compare and examine photographic data. By 2015, the database is expected to house over 50 million images from suspected terrorists, villains, government employees and also… those employed in the dark arts. As well as facial (biometrics) and body language data, the lightning-fast system can also cross reference data of millions of fingerprints, body markings, scars, piercings, tattoos and even hair colouring. Two elements of NGI include Rap Back and the Interstate Photo System (IPS). Rap Back will provide on-going notices about an individual, while IPS is the provider of facial photo data.

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