Four Lions


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Sat and watched Four Lions again last night and forgot how hilarious this movie really is. If you are in need of cheering up and have an hour and a half to spare then you really need to give this movie a chance. Written and produced by Chris Morris and starring Riz AhmedArsher AliNigel LindsayKayvan Novak and Adeel Akhtar – showing us that even terrorism has a funny side. Continue reading

George Carlin – The Tonight Show

Things need to be lightened up every now and again as the things that go on in the World can get you down without a good laugh. So to help with that we have my favourite comedian George Carlin. This is the first video I’ll show from the All My Stuff boxset, so be sure and grab it before Youtube do the usual and take it down. Continue reading

Video – The Conspiracy ‘Theory’ Conspiracy

A Documentary Film by Adam Green of Know More News demonstrating the establishment media’s propaganda campaign against conspiracy theories and the truth.

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Contact lenses with built-in video could be 3D printed

Who needs Glass when you’ve got contact lenses that can display video and even detect health problems? What’s more, lenses with these capabilities could one day be created using a 3D printer. Continue reading