Reader Contribution (T. Hunter)

I got sent this by a loyal reader today which put a smile on my face. If you want to see your memes posted here then email to (still in the process of de-googling which is harder than I first anticipated). Continue reading

Mission Patch Symbology


These are real mission patches from black operations programs within the United States military. The insignia shown here contain symbols strongly associated with the occult. There are many more of these mission logos that have been released to the public. Continue reading

Spreading Freedom

USA Military Industrial Complex

Spreading Freedom World Tour

(Whether you want it or not.)

As my elitist banker brethren and I sat aloof in our Ivory Towers, well to be honest – Deep Underground Military Bases, we realised that the Great Plan we had been following all these years was about to come to fruition. Continue reading

Don’t Bomb Syria

Haven’t fired up Photoshop properly in a while now, but figured with World events the way they are now then now is the ideal time to start spreading the truth. I will be working on current events images a lot more from now on as really enjoyed this one. Although, at times, really hard going having to look at the pain on the faces of those involved. Continue reading